Friday, 8 November 2013

paper car

Today I made a paper car. It even has a supspenshion. I was able to make the supspension with a strip of card.

The inprogress car.

The supspension 

The car nearly done.

The doors.

Under the car.

As you see above the car was built with a lot of strips of card. The car has two layers the skeleton and the shell. And yes I made this out of a cereal box. The reason I made this is because for years I have been trying to make a car out of paper until I discovered that card strips is the only material that can be used to build a car from scrach. It also reminds me of a tin car.


  1. It's great to see you showing such great passion when it comes to creating your masterpieces. ;)

  2. The curved bonnet and boot looks great. I can see what you mean, it really does have a vintage tin car look.